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Music or Movies? If you could only have one..

Music or Movies, if you could only have one?

  • Music

    Votes: 43 67.2%
  • Movies/TV

    Votes: 21 32.8%

  • Total voters


Secret Agent
Staff member
If you had to choose between music or movies/tv, what would you chose? Let's say that if you choose movies, you can never listen to music again ever, or if you choose music, that you can never watch movies again ever.

Oh yeah, and for the sake of the argument, music videos count as music, so if you picked Movies/TV you'd have to go without music videos..

I'd pick music. I like movies a lot but I listen to music more than I watch movies.


Food Whore
I'd have to say music. Movies are really good and all, but i don't think I could survive without music. It would suck to not be able to watch movies, but I listen to music a lot more than i watch movies.


Heavy Weapons Guy
So if i chose movies I would not be able to listen to myself play piano or guitar? I'd have to choose music for sure.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Movies and TV for sure. I love music, but I usually only listen to it when I'm in the car or in bed or something. TV and movies entertain me. When I have nothing to do I can't just sit on the couch and listen to music without getting bored. Music is more of a background thing that I listen to while I do other things.


Well-Known Member
I barely watch an TV at all so I would have to go with music because it doesn't require your full attention so you can multitask.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
If we're speaking in unlimited terms, then I feel that music and music videos (and I'm assuming live DVD's, heh) are what I'd love to have. As long as I could change it, I can always visually occupy myself.


Registered Member
I would choose movies for sure, I love music too but I just spend a lot of time watching movies. Plus theres music in movies too but would I not get to listen to that?


New Member
I chose movies/TV :0 atm I just have to watch a lot of stuff! Aaaand, I couldnt survive without farscape, really. I'd prolly be bored after a while, as my moviebase-thing isn't as wide as my musicbase. Depends on the mood I guess! Right now, movies xD <3tehdrama ;)


Registered Member
Music, most definitely. I'm almost always listening to music. Movies are great, but if I really wanted to I could just go out and watch the movie that is life. It'd be a really, really boring movie without music in it though. No other form of entertainment impacts me emotionally as much as music.