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Music Class


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Back in elementary school, our music class was mainly a choir :zz:, with the exception fourth and fifth grade when we played actual instruments, only they were recorders.:stare:

However, when intermediate school came, all that changed.:) There were three music classes: orchestra, choir, and band. I chose orchestra and played the violin. I did it throughout intermediate and high school.:D

My very first orchestra concert was holiday-themed. Unfortunately, the only Christmas piece we played was "Good King Wenceslas.":stare: Man, while the other orchestras, including the high school were playing actual Christmas music, we were stuck playing slow-sounding songs.:zz: This was actually understandable due to the fact that we were beginners.

The next year was when we actually played Christmas music, and I mean real Christmas music.:cool: My favorite was the beautiful jazz-like "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." We even played "Jingle Bells" with the high school, which was full orchestra! On the last day before the holidays, all three music classes: band, orchestra, and choir traveled to four elementary schools (two of them I attended; one I had seen and been inside of; the other, my first time entering it)!:nod:
We took separate vehicles: I rode in the white station wagon with some of my friends and one of their parents while their others traveled in a red minivan, a charter bus, a aqua four-door pick-up truck, and a school bus. Each music section took turns at playing/singing songs. Our orchestra played mainly the songs that we had played at our holiday Christmas concert. We had lunch at Mr. Gatti's on the halfway point of the trip and played games. Let me tell you, that was one orchestra holiday trip that would live on for years to come. I did the same thing on my eighth grade year; only this time, we rode three charter buses and ate at McDonald's.

High School was when I finally played with a full orchestra and boy was it fun!:D However, this would only last until after my junior year of high school.

Even though I don't play the violin anymore, the memories will live on for years to come.:nod:


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I loved my highschool music class, it was the best year of my life! I vented all my anger on those drums and the teacher thought I was good cause I had power during the songs. It just came to me naturally!


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That's really good Aleks. Venting your anger on drums is much better than venting your anger on people you don't like or certain things connected to those people.


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Music class was a lot of fun in grade school...it was always known as an easy class to have some fun and sing, but really we learned a lot of valuable things at the end of the day.


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My music classes were pretty awesome.

I was forced to be in choir k-7. I chose to take band (I played Bb Trumpet) 5-11th grade. I started taking singing seriously half way through my 10th grade year and took a solo class, the best part was that I was the only guy with 10 girls! :D

My 11th and 12th grade years I got accepted to the special audition choir at my school. We were a show choir so we did stuff such as madrigals, Les Miserables, Oklahoma, A Holiday to Remember (and yes, I do remember it). It was a really fun group to be a part of. I was also a part of the men's choir, got to sing tenor 1 exclusively with one of my best friends since we were the only two that could hit the right pitches.

I liked band early on all the way through 8th grade. It wasn't until I got to High School that I hated band, the director was terrible as were most of my classmates. That's why I made the switch to choir. I loved my choir director, she really helped to give me a lot of confidence in my ability and helped me to be comfortable singing in front of other people (it's a lot worse than public speaking). I made lifelong friendships and learned lifelong skills in that class.

My favorite song we ever sang is called "Baba Yetu." It's actually the Lord's Prayer in Swahili and is the intro song to the popular game Civilization IV.
Christopher Tin - Baba Yetu (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Additionally I auditioned for all state choir my senior year for Tenor 1 (the highest male vocal part). I got accepted to that as well. All state choir was one of the most exciting experiences of my entire life, I got to know some great people and learned a lot more about music and performing arts.

Some pieces we sang at all state included: Dies Irae, Gloria, Danny Boy, Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho, Praise Him! (written by our director actually), Summertime, and Things That Never Die (by Charles Dickens). It was quite the collection of awesome music. :)
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Music class was fun, I agree.

I learned to play a mean recorder in music class and I still quote songs from my grade school musical days. "The river is a friend of mine!"

We used to do plays and go to concerts as well.


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In the younger years of elementary, music class was easy and boring. We just sang a couple songs, played on the recorder or xylophone and that was it. However, come grade 6, and starting band class, i got to play the clarinet. Suddenly I had an instrument in my hand capable of complex notes. Capable of playing music from me! Those three years were great.


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I hated music class but it's mainly because like math, I was never really musically inclined. I would have loved to learn to play an instrument but nothing got my attention enough. I enjoyed getting to play and learn how to play, but the music history part I could do without.