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So Christmas is coming and I thought of a gift to give to my girlfriend..
Her favorite song of all time is Pure Imagination, the one that Willy Wonka sings in the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (the 1971 version).

Anyway, the idea is to get her a music box with the tune of the song Pure Imagination.. I've searched numerous webpages and they all lack that particular tune.. So I was wondering if anyone here has any idea of where to search or what to do..

It would mean a lot to me, and eventually to her, if this works out, and my thanks to anyone who helps will be infinite.

That's very specific, I had a quick search but I highly doubt you'll find one. Looks like they do custom music boxes where you can request your own song, but you have to choose from a list. At least, that's what all the websites I've seen so far do. One says you can contact them if they don't have your song. That's here: Customize a Music Box, custom picture jewelry box or music box, design your own music box

Another that looks okay: Music Box Attic - Music Boxes and Jewelry Boxes - Where Gifts Come True

[FONT=arial, helvetica]Q. Can I have my own music or sound recording made into a movement and have it installed in your music boxes?
A. Fortunately that is possible, special orders of 30 note movement can be made to play your own song or recordings, the cost is $650.00 for two top quality movements. For corporate and major even occasions we can create 18 note movements of 100 and more order quantities. We can install your movement in most of our music boxes. Click here for information on custom and personalized musical movements.
But it would be extremely time-consuming for them so I bet it's very expensive. Really nice idea for a gift, though.