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Murder Mystery


New Member
Hello, This is my frist day at this forum, and I hope to find some good advice! I'm not 100% sure where this should be posted so I just guessed.

I'm going to be hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Party in October. This will be the first of many open to public parties I hope to have.

I'm a little way into the planning and what I've come up with so far is...

I'll send invited to 100 people in my area. Asking them to RSVP within 2 weeks. Tickets will cost $20 and include the murder mystery, dinner, and dessert. Also the cost of the ticket will pay for prizes given away for best dressed, best acting, and the person who solves the murder. After I receive my RSVPs, I'm hoping for 50. I'll than send them their ticket, and the info they need about the night.

I was thinking I could add on the RSVP they could pick the type of character they want to play.. Large Role, Small Role, No role at all, just a detective.

They layout of the night will be...

Guests walk in , recieve any additional information they may need for the night. Find a table and sit down to enjoy appetizers.

I than take the mic and explain how everything is going to work, and we get started on the mystery.

After 30 minutes 1 hour, however long it takes the complete the first part of the mystery, guests will sit down and have dinner.

Here they will have a chance to share clues, ask more questions if they are lucky enough to sit next to a main character, etc.

then the second half of the myster.

Then everyone sits down for dessert, at this time they can continue sharing and gathering information. By the end of dinner guests will have to fill out information cards where they decide who is the guilty party, and vote on best acting, best costumes etc.

Once everyone is finished I'll collect them and have a few people tallying the votes, while that is going on I can talk and thank everyone for joining us and explain the murder.

Once everything is tallied up I'll reveal the winners and hand over prizes and the night is over..

All that sounds like a great plan to me, except I can find a murder mystery that works with 50 people. Also I don't know if i'd be better off just getting actors to play the parts and having the guests just watch. (because I have a larger group)

If you have any advice, suggestions, dos or don'ts please comment!



Registered Member
I would say that if you can find an acting troupe that regularly does this kind of thing within your budget, you should hire them. Especially doing this the first time around, you want things to run smoothly, and trying to do *everything* yourself, in my opinion, is not the smartest thing to do at this point.

If you *can't* find one within your budget, then find a local one and get in contact with whoever in it deals with the public. Explain your situation to them, tell them that you would hire them if you had the money, but all you can really hope for is any help and advice they'd be willing to give you.

If nothing else, talk to the theater director of a local high school or college that you know has a good drama program and get their take on it.

There are a lot of resources out there for you, the key is to find them.