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Murder my car


Son of Liberty
ok so this is a concept I had never heard of until about 5 minutes ago. However its something I've done to my customizable video game vehicles for as long as I can remember. Its something I've wanted to do to my truck since the day I bought it!

Flat black... all the way through. You ever heard of Murdered Cars?

Check some of these out;

Would you ever Murder out your vehicle? What do you think of it?

me...pfft... I'd go pure Teflon from the Rims to the Roof. I adore matte black on vehicles.
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Mark ov teh Pond
Oh wow, that truck in the second picture is perfect. Well, if it has bench seats.

It's super sexy anyways.


still nobody's bitch
that's horrid, especially on the Mustang. The truck screams "redneck".

ugh. me no like


Mark ov teh Pond
Well, isn't black really prone to fading too? I guess when they say murder, they really mean it.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I've heard of/seen a lot of this in hip-hop/rap culture and music...personally, not a fan. The type of black looks muted and cheap. The fact that there's no other color or chrome anywhere makes the cars kind of look like "clunkers."

I just think that at least a few subtle style points are needed on a car to really make the black paint look significant. And I think that black paint should have much more of a shine than all of this.


Son of Liberty
Nah see I dont like the Gloss Black personally... I like the Matte Black. No shine at all. But then again I'm a real big military buff so I've always preferred Matte Paint jobs over the hi-gloss.

In this case... I find the Flat black to be much more intimidating of a color;



Do What Thou Wilt
I don't mind the matte black, but it has to be on the right car. The dodge viper is a good example. It has to be the right car, and it has to be done right. Any style can look shitty if done wrong.


Well-Known Member
Like MAg said, it has to be the right car. I really like it on the viper you posted. I had a friend who did this to this bus, I guess it was like a tour bus thing, he had. We used to call it the Murder Bus and it was epic.


Registered Member
I've seen this done before, but I didn't know "Murder" was the term for it.

Normally I think it looks stupid, but I like it on the 'Stang and the truck.