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Human multi-tasking or multitasking is the performance by an individual of appearing to handle more than one task at the same time
Do you multitask? Does it come easy for you?
Are you multitasking now?
Do you get better results with it?

My answers:
Yes, I multitask. It comes easy for me.

I'm multitasking now (most of the time I'm on the net, I do something else at the same time).

I feel I get more results with it but I'm not sure with "better". I also read recently how it's bad (even if it seems to be an asset to be able to do it).


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I don't enjoy multitasking, but I do it, mostly regarding different things I do on the pc, mixing work with pleasure. :D
Till some point it is easy, but the more that needs to be done the more frustrated I become.


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I'm usually pretty good at multitasking, so I do it all the time.

I remember at one time a while back I was doing all of these things at the same time.

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it wasn't too difficult and i find things a lot less boring when you're not doing one specific thing for a long period of time, so multitasking is good for me.
i multitask all the time, mostly when on the computer cause everything is so slow i need muliple things going on to entertain me... like when im waiting for more people to post on GF i'll go on myspace or play games or something, always with music in the background.....

actually i've found i can only do homework when multitasking... weird huh?
I do it all the time. I've written policies with a client sitting at my desk, while responding to a GF thread, and talking to an underwriter all at the same time.

I need to constantly be doing something, so multi-tasking is second nature to me.


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Yeah, I do. When I'm at work I'll man the fry station, bag food, and occasionally take an order in the lobby when someone comes in.

At home I'll be in the arcade, talking to people on Y!M and AIM, while posting on GF.

When school starts, just throw homework into that mix.


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Sample quote on the "dangers" of multitasking:

According to researcher David Myer, Ph.D., "There is scientific evidence that multitasking is extremely hard for someone to do, and sometimes impossible." Done to the extreme, it has been linked to short-term memory loss and can produce a prolonged adrenaline rush, damaging the cells that form new memory.

Myer tells us that people who have to use computers, answer phones and deal with coworkers in rapid succession are "switching" all the time. He also discovered that extreme multitasking can result in mental burnout, anxiety and depression, and may have been one of the causes of our relatively new "24/7" society.

John Ratey, a psychiatrist specializing in Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) points out that we now have "so many options and reward centers that we never had before." He also feels that while we know there are many demands on our attention each day, there is little awareness on our part that we need to pause and process the information we take in.

I guess it also depends on the task at hand. How important concentration is for the thing you're doing. Let's say, driving. When I drive, I want to focus as much as I can on driving (but yes, I talk or listen/sing to music). My sister does it too but it never bothers me except when she starts doing other stuff like putting on make up, phone calls, text messages....


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There's a very big limit to being able to multitask. I think that I'll us a drving metaphor. Becuase when I'm driving I tend to only focus on that. I mean I can listen to Music and sing, if you call that multitasking but other stuff I'm just not good at really hammering down many things. I just like to do ne thing at a time. I'm fully capable of putting some extra cues on the menue but I just don't realyl see the point.