Multi Player vs. Single Player

If you had to pick your preference, what would it be?

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Chaos' thread about Halo 3 kind of got me thinking about multiplayer vs single player games. There was a game for the N64 called Turok: Rage Wars. It was a first person shooter multiplayer ONLY sequel to the popular Turok franchise. I actually like TRW quite a bit and loved the idea of such a game being made solely for multi-player. People weren't buying those games for the single player so the developers decided just to make the game multi-player only. In doing so they made quite the MP game and put a lot of time into MP modes, options, etc.

Sometimes I think the Halo franchise should follow in similar footsteps. Release single player and multi-player games separately if they want but not automatically together. For example, instead of spending years on Halo 4 (or whatever), why not spend years on a multi-player only Halo? All too often multi-player was considered kind of an afterthought with games. It wasn't really until games like GoldenEye for the N64 gave people a reason to go back to multi-player that games started focusing more of the developing time on MP. I'm surprised that more games haven't been released as ONLY MP. This is pretty common with PC games. Look at games like Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike, Battlefield 2, or Left 4 Dead (I could be wrong about L4D but I thought it was MP only). There are a ton others too. There is a big difference between multi-player and single player. A lot of people will either play one or the other but not necessarily both.

So what do you think? Do you play games that are MP only or SP only, or do you only play games that offer both modes? Or will you play whatever as long as it's good?

In the end, what do you prefer the most, multiplayer or single player?


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I think that pretty much every game I play is single player, If you look at my video game draft list they're all single player games, I guess I'm a lone gamer.

My favorite game of all time, Donkey Kong 64, has multiplayer, but I mean come on let's be reasonable here, the multiplayer in that game is horrible and the single player owns entirely.


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I love playing games that are multiplayer, but the ones I play are usually sports games. 6 on 6 NHL, 5 on 5 NBA and this years Madden had Co-op online mode.

I was upset when I found out Fallout 3 didn't have multiplayer.


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I do enjoy single player games, but only if it provides a good story line that I can get into. But I truly enjoy multi player the best, because you get to interact with real players which makes to game more fun because it becomes more unpredictable.


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I buy the game mainly for the single player experience, and with a couple of exeptions where i never even touch the single player (FPS games) I find in the main campaign the heart of the game itself.

If we take a look at all time best games, they are known for their story, characters and the way we feel connected to them.

Games like L4D are good for an afternoon of mindless fun, but it doesn't create memories like a Final fantasy, a metal gear or a mass effect.

Then we have fighters anf FPS, where the online MP plays a huge role and with it goes a big chunk of the entertainment.

EDIT: let me just add that Co-op both local and online also add some extra fun to the FPS genre.
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I voted Multiplayer, but that's because I counted games with co-operative play, which is my favourite game type.

I just playing with people. Actually being able to interact with someone is much better than simple AI. AI does the job pretty well, don't get me wrong, but there's nothing quite like knowing you're playing with someone, backing someone up, working together - or, on the flipside, taking someone real out. You blow an AI's head off? Depending on the difficulty setting, that's average to impressive. But with a Human player, there's that factor of chance, of random possibilities. You don't know what they're going to do. An AI character only has so many options to choose from, set routes to take, etc. Sooner or later they repeat themselves, they can be more predictable - not to mention, quite frankly, utterly retarded. But a Human player is an actual challenge, and that increases my enjoyment tenfold.

Also, Left 4 Dead is both single player and multiplayer. You can play the campaign's solo with four AI bots, but for the most part it's considered multiplayer; you can choose from co-op campaign (up to four people), Versus (up to eight people, four Humans and four Special Infected; basically campaign, but with opposing teams taking it in turns to complete chapters. The Infected have to kill all the Humans and stop them from reaching the safehouse, the Humans have to reach the safehouse without dying - the winner is based on points at the end of the campaign), and finally, Survival mode, which is, well, a survival mode, like Gears of War 2's Horde, Halo 3: ODST's Firefight, etc etc.

Just to clear that up. :D


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When my brothers and I were younger, we only got a certain amount of video game time each day, but if we were playing multiplayer games, we were allowed to add our time together. And now most of my video gaming is only when I can play with/against friends.


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I'll play any game as long as it's good.

It depends on the game for me to actually choose which I prefer, though.
With 2-D Fighting Games, I like single player...but I like multi-player also.
I actually feel this way with every game.
Multiplayer can be ruined by people who are TOO good at the game (They don't let you move, don't let your character get up, etc.) and the online lag can definitely ruin the experience.
However, single player can get boring quickly simply because you're not playing against a human.


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I think as gamers we're really spoiled these days.

A lot of great games come with multiplayer and single player options. I am a story guy though, so I always go through story modes first and it does disappoint me when it's clear the developers did a half ass job on the story just to put more work in on the multiplayer side.

That's one of my gripes about Halo, the story has sucked in the latest two games but the multiplayer is reaching decent levels of quality. I think in all honesty, they should ditch the Halo story and make the next title one dedicated entirely to multiplayer. Hell, think of all the maps, new weapons and features they could add. I would actually be really excited if they did that.


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I usually buy games more for the single player. I like playing through a story and figuring everything out on my own. I like multiplayer games too, but I don't always have other people to play with. I'm not a big fan of playing with random people online.