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    Why do the people in the milddle east get so mad at all the cartoons being made of Muhammed? I mean Jesus and buda get made fun of all the time but we really dont do anything about it but when Muhammed is made fun of people get all pissed off. could someone tell me why they are so mad about these cartoons are they really that bad?

  2. Malificus

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    Nobody else considers it blasphemous to visually represent their religious leaders. Even flattering images of Muhammad are offensive to them. You can only visually represent Muhammad if you obscure his face, and do it in a purely historical sense, you can't show him as holy.

    People also drew Allah, which was even bigger. In Islam, you can never visually represent a supernatural being, especially not a divine one. In other words, no drawing God ever.
  3. Merc

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    Well, the Danish had printed a comic depicting Muhhamed and that pissed those middle-easterners off. But that wasn't when the problem started. The problem started when a Danish minister walked around with it and showed it to people when he in the middle east. Smart guy obviously.
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    Muslims are the special religious group that gets pissed off about everything, and bomb people for it. If you notice, Muslims are the ones starting wars, and other's are getting sucked into it.

    no offense to Muslims
  5. That quite an ignorant statement there Oxy, you seem to have forgetten about the Crusades, they were started by Christians.
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    oh, yeah. I was just thinking about recent events.
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    we muslims don't want to do offence to the man. we have no idea of how he looked so we do not have the right to draw him. and it isn't only him, its everything, that is living. think of it as we can't give life to what we draw so by drawing them we are acting like creators.

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    So by drawing something, you're kind of like making it real/living? And by making a living/real drawing of the unknown like Muhammad, it's considered disrespectful? I see how that works. (not being sarcastic)
  9. I dont see how that should be a sign of disrespect though.
  10. oxyMORON

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    I'd think that you wouldn't want to upset a higher power by disrespecting or offending, I should say.

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