Much needed humor from McCain and Obama -Related to Political News-


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I watched it earlier. Good stuff for sure.

I'll be sure to take this one out of context:

"If I had to name my greatest strength, I guess it would be my humility. My greatest weakness? It's possible that I'm a little too awesome." - Barack Obama

In all seriousness it was pretty funny all around. A good chance to sit back and remember that we are all Americans and that even if we can't agree we can still laugh together over some good jokes. :)

Kudos to both candidates who made for a quite entertaining evening.

Barack "Steve" Obama? The truth comes out! There's an October surprise for you all! :lol:

And seriously if anybody is partisan enough to say that only THEIR candidate was funny.. (like the YouTube comments show), come on they were both funny. It was entertaining and we all got a chance to sit back and enjoy taking our minds off of the heated election for a bit.
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