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Does anyone here play on a MU* from time to time, or has played on some in the past?

I used to be a member of a couple MU*s, including "Discworld MUD" and "Shoujo-Ai MUSH". I personaly find MU*s to be interesting ways to socialise, as well as role-play.


AKA Ass-Bandit
MU* is short for the range of text based on-line games, which include MUD (Multi-User Domain/Dungeon/Dimension), MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination/Holodeck/Hack/Habitat) and MOO (MUD Object Orientated). While MUDs and MOOs tend to be based on hack-and-slash style games, MUSHs are primarily for socialising.

Basicaly, when you go onto a MU*, you are usually greeted with the following screen...

If you choose new, you have to choose a name for your character and a password (in this case anyway...). I would give you a Shoujo-ai MUSH sign-up walkthrough, but that would require me actually signing up again, which I wasn't planning on doing...instead I can show you this screen...

This is basically showing you how the game looks. In order to speak and do other things, you have to type commands, such as "say Hey all!" to speak, ": waves to everyone" to make a pose, and other commands I can't remember at this time (I'm ashamed that I can't remember how to view the village map ¬_¬; ). If you're interested in trying it out, I can send you a PM of the Shoujo-ai website, a tutorial made by the owners of the MUSH and website, and a list of commands (basically a command reference card).


AKA Ass-Bandit
I enjoy them from time to time, but for someone else to enjoy them, they'll have to not mind the fact that the games are text based. Because of the text, commands to perform actions will need to be remembered, as there's no graphical UI to perform actions. There are some good places where you can role-play, but I'm a beginner at this, so my knowledge of places to play is limited to about 3-4...
There are graphical MUDs as well... I played Wyvern ( a lot a few years ago, which was really a lot of fun... despite the simplicity of the graphics, they had a sort of charm to them that made it still fun to play and the gameplay was enjoyable and engaging with a huge world and lots of players. I never really got into text based MUDs, I found that they were simply too complicated with too much reading and typing to accomplish the simplest actions... even something as easy as navigating a town took forever if you weren't already familiar with it.