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Discussion in 'Music' started by EllyDicious, Nov 5, 2009.

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    Thanks for the informative information! I will try to watch the show on MTV today .. not sure ill make it , since i'm so busy today.

  3. EllyDicious

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    Best Female Artist: Beyoncé
    Best Video: Beyoncé mit "Single Ladies"
    Best German Band: Silbermond
    Best European Band: Manga (Türkei)
    Best Rock Act: Green Day
    Best Alternative: Placebo
    Best New Act: Lady Gaga
    Best Male Artist: Eminem
    Best Live Act: U2
    Best Urban: Jay-Z
  4. wooly

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    Watched it last night!

    It was an alright show, not great. I liked U2 performing Bloody Sunday with Jay-Z at the end, that was probably the highlight of the show. Beyoncé put on a pretty good performance aswell, i gotta give it to her. She's one hell of a performer. Was really disappointed Lady Gaga wasn't there. I was wondering what crazy, attention seeking think she was gonna do next. :p
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    I hate the MTV awards, cause the winners are a real joke most of the time. By the looks of the winners of this year it seems that it's a joke again this year. I'll watch it from time to time(usually the repeat) but only if there's nothing on.
  6. EllyDicious

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    The show was kind of boring though. it wasn't like the past years.
    I loved Beyonce's performance. she was great!!

    @BR - they had prepared a video in memory of Michael Jackson. (people singing mixedd songs of him). The Jonas Brothers presented it. it was really cool. make sure you watch it during the recorded show or search it on YT.

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