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MSNBC article on anime


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Sexploration: Sexy anime goes mainstream - Sexploration - MSNBC.com

Link to an ongoing conversation on another forum I frequent: AMV :: Topic - Anime In The News

I like how in a segment from the article called "Lolita-complex," they messed up on what lolicon means.

And how he went for shock value right from the start:

Anybody who doubts the rapidly growing influence of Japan's erotic cultural imports in the U.S. only has to spend a little time playing with a Hello Kitty vibrator while reading a fan-created pornographic Pokemon comic
best line of all though was at the end

Macias agrees and has little doubt that otaku will influence attitudes about sexual expression here. “When you see a kid sitting in Borders reading a manga, he’s not just reading a comic book,” Macias said. “There is something really powerful going on there.”
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I seriously lol'd at this. That person obviously doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, and all those so called "facts" are just shit that came out of his arse.
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I just lost faith in the intelligent to moron ratio of America.