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MSN/Windows Live Notes


Lion Rampant
I'm not sure the app is such a hot idea. Along with the usual messages, like "hung over" and "omg I am addicted to Tagalongs" (you know who you are), I now get a regular bombardment of these doozies:

make this go away. [fat disgusting bitch]
RIP PotterFan1996.........................OH yay.. 19 in 3 days, how amazing? :/ :/ :/
why do i always do this to myself? don't expect anything from anyone, they'll always let you down.
Just out of curiosity, am I the only one around here who has a host of barely remembered, drama-loving IM 'buddies' from the Emo Klingon Empire?


Epic Gamer
Nope. I have them too. These people seem drawn to me, and though I never talk to them, I don't have the heart to dispel them from my sight forevermore. :shake:


It's not me, it's you.
I don't ever see you on msn. :|

And it's really stupid. It will inform me that one of my buddies has a new profile picture, but it's still the same one.