MS Society Auction


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Hi Angel, it just been relisted but with a twist.. the updates are copy from the website com... the site owner and I been in contact since he contacted me when I first listed the auction. He been helping me to get more help.
Here is an article why I am doing this:

Help for Victims of Hurricane Katrina
The National MS Society chapter in Louisiana has been severely impacted by Hurricane Katrina and is in need of our help so that they can continue to provide the needed support and services to people living with MS. Not only has the Louisiana chapter suffered major destruction, but the Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida chapters have been impacted as well. Your restricted donations will help restore operations in all of these areas. Everything that we can do will help them to recover that much faster so they can be there for people with MS. A portion of your donation will also go to help people with MS and their caregivers who need emergency assistance as a result of the hurricane. The National MS Society helps us every day. Now we have a chance to help them

Your donations can be sent to:

(Temporary Address)
NMSS, Louisiana Chapter
5010 Mancuso Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
phone: 504-832-4013
fax: 504-831-7188
[email protected]

Now you can see it is not for self gain, My resv is less than 12k heck I am the one taking the risk I figure if I get my resv met I will be able to donate at least 4k .. but it is a risk I am willing to take.......... docs says I can so I am... I already did an interview with the Los Angles times on it...