MS paint battle royale!


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Get ready for PAYYYYYNNEEEE!!!!1

Basically what you have to do is... draw yourself a character on MS paint, fighting the character the last person drew and keep the chain going!
2.) Shoop Da Woop, Penises and direct Dragon Ball Z references are BANNED.
3.) Don't get stressed if someone ignores your post.
4.) Be fair when fighting other characters, no one hit kill moves.
5.) ImageShack® - Hosting is a good place to host your pictures to post,
6.) Make sure the pictures are big enough for other people to draw on/take your character from.

I'll start off.... with Super T-Rex head man!

Who dares challenge me?


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Crap I was working on this one... lol well since your buhket wasnt effective I'll just handle the walrus in a bit....

Jack "The Scottish Nail Clipper" gives Raptor Jesus a pedicure... rendering him 'weapon less'


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Kneeling in his own super charged Dino-Blood, Super T-Rex head man lets out a mighty RAWR catching his unsuspecting foes off guard and throwing them at immense speed away from him!