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This was fun back in the day. No idea if it could catch on a second time, but I wonder if anyone else remembers this thread:


Spackerchip said:
Basically what you have to do is... draw yourself a character on MS paint, fighting the character the last person drew and keep the chain going!
2.) Don't get stressed if someone ignores your post.
3.) ImageShack® - Hosting is a good place to host your pictures to post,
4.) Make sure the pictures are big enough for other people to draw on/take your character from.
Meet the undefeated Smug-in-his-green-turtle-neck-sweater-stick-guy:



Creeping On You
Deep in the woods of Canada, there is a creature to horrible to speak of. The Manitoban beavers are mutating! In an effort to always have the best damn, and with the competition of the hydro dams, Billy the Beaver is has had to evolve into a more powerful beaver. He has the strength of 20 men. He can build a dam bigger than the hoover dam, in 12 seconds flat. All this, despite being born with no arms due to evolutionary mis-mutations. (Also because everytime i tried to draw arms, they looked horrible) Green Turtle Neck guy has met his match.

Joining Billy mainly because he has nothing better to do, is The Lochness Monster's Distant Canadian Relative, Manipogo. Manipogo the illegitimate love-child of Ogopogo (Canada's Lochness Monster), and a rooster. He spends his time guzzling beer and crowing at all the ladies. He's here to fight though, and his teeth can do more than just open beers.

I present to you Billy the Beaver and Manipogo. They're ready to fight, is Green Turtle Neck Guy?

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