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TV Mrs. California Episode


Secret Agent
Staff member
Did anybody else watch the most recent Office episode? The one where Robert's wife wants to work there?

I thought it was the best episode of the new post Michael Scott season by far. In fact I was pretty much rolling on the floor laughing at several points. It's one of my favorite Office episodes so far out of all the seasons.

I loved the intro:

"You know I have to do this." ... "I know".


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I just saw this episode the other day and funny to see there was a thread about it already...

I thought it was really funny as well. This entire season has been pretty good I thought...I wasn't expecting much but it's been pretty good.


Registered Member
I thought after Michael left the show would die but giving all the other characters a more focused role has really worked,

This episode was really good I love Mr. California he's such a good addition to the cast. I hope to see more from Mrs. California as well


It's not me, it's you.
It was a good episode. I am surprised that the show is still doing well with Michael gone...but I am really enjoying it.