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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by SuiGeneris, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. SuiGeneris

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    Aside from the "middle eastern" decent, and the uncanny coincidences involving his name(s), what can you guys say about Barack Obama?

    He is largely the most unique candidate to the presidency in a while. Aside from the green party's Nader and "I-created-the-internet" Al Gore. He takes a stand against partisanship, lobbyists, and cooperate funding of politicians. He's decidedly against the Iraq war, yet supported the war in Afghanistan 100%. He's for raising the Pell Grant maximum to over 5,000 dollars, and raising the money that goes into the education system. He calls for Americans to be volunteers in their community, and refuses to accept donations from anyone but individuals.

    Is this guy for real, or is he truly the most agressive, and intelligent politician we've seen in some time?

  2. Gavik

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    Fine, he's black, against the war and anti-lobbyist. Not exactly presidential material. I really hope he doesn't win based on the 'diversity vote.' IMO he's too inexpeirenced, but I hope to see him next time. Also, he didn't support the Anti-Iraq vote that came before the elections (as many senators didn't).
  3. Kazmarov

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    I think the rap against his experience is not only bullshit, but dangerous bullshit.

    Look at most of the candidates, and past presidents. Mostly they're lawyers who served rich people before running for Congress or the Senate. If they've spent twenty years in Congress but have never even worked deeply in their constituency, why is that experience?

    Barack Obama has a decade in the Illinois State Senate. Look at his record there, it's dynamic and impressive. He also spent a decade as a professor of constituional law. Also he was a civil organizer. He worked with poor people, he worked with the destitute. Obama got people voting, helped to make sure that programs to aid them were effective and consistent.

    Hilary has eight years in the Senate in 2008. So? Obama has four years in the senate, and ten in State Senate. That's almost twice and much experience by years.


    I like Obama. Recently he's (so far) the only candidate to speak out for Palestianian rights. He connects with people in a way others can't because he's worked with them before. He understands the law and the Constitution, he taught it at the University of Chicago. I think he's exciting, qualified, and one of the best candidates in years.
  4. CMK_Eagle

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    As far as Democrats go I think Obama's a pretty good candidate, though I probably wouldn't vote for him simply because I think government should be trying to do less than it currently does rather than more.
  5. Gavik

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    As in less care an supported for the poorest of the poor and the uninsured or less oil wars?
  6. CMK_Eagle

    CMK_Eagle Registered Member

    Less care and support for the poorest of the poor. Those services should be funded by State governments (if at all), not the Federal government.
  7. Stay Away

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    I'd just like to point out public education spending has been going up forever. At the same time loans for students have been capped by the federal governmnet. I'd like to know what his website says about that.

    here is a record of Obama's bills this year. Don't worry, it doesn't look like he wants to cut social spending

    Bills Sponsored by Barack Obama

  8. nanite1018

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    I don't know about Obama. He doesn't seem to have much in the way of real plans or ideas yet. Whereas Edwards has concrete plans for most of his positions, which I like. Overall, if Obama can come up with some concrete plans over the next few months, he might have a chance.
  9. ermcool

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    Hmm, I like Obama. The only thing is, I haven't really seen him say anything in regards to issues. Other than the Iraq war.

    Also, he did vote for the Patriot Act, which removes the idea that he is some how different than the rest. But, other than that he seems enthusiastic. He can't assume the nomination like so many bigwigs. If he wins, it will be issues, not his skin that makes him the victor- but thats it, where are the issues?

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