Mr Kennedy


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So as we noted Mr Kennedy (or Mr Anderson) debuted in TNA last night and fought and beat the Monster Abyss. He started off the match as a face but apparently was boo'ed towards the end and a chant of "overrated" filled the new Impact Zone.

Looks like the fans are really eating up this "HUGE" Acquisition...

So am I the only one so sees this clown failing miserably?


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He'll probably injure himself in a few weeks, and be out for several months. As you already I was one of the guys here that was pushing for Mr. Kennedy I thought he had a bright future in the WWE because of his charisma, microphone skills and better than average wrestlign abilities.

Personally I believe TNA are going to push him real hard, but I don't see him being able to stay healthy to take that push and run with it.


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He'll be a big asset to TNA, the fans in the impact zone just suck period.

They'll boo anyone who's Ex-wwe just because they love their TNA originals so much.


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Agreed, he didn't get a fair chance from the TNA fans in the iMPACT zone, but in fairness it wasn't a very good match. Possibly due to the fact that Abyss has trouble working a non hardcore match.

Interesting to see that Kennedy hasn't signed a long term deal with TNA yet
At last word, the former Mr. Kennedy, Ken Anderson, was not under a long-term contract to TNA. He is said to be working show-to-show for the time being.