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Is this your auction CHrt46?? If it is, I would suggest canceling many of the bids. It is obvious that they are fake bids, and you are going to be hit with one of the most painful "final value fee's" in eBay history.... :(


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You gotta be [email protected]#$ing me. No way!. Now why didn't I come up with this one.
There is no way this is real..Too funny :lol: But there is no way the bids are real.. Just when I thought I had seen it all! Ebay goes and does it again.! Too funny. :lol: Thanks for the good laugh................. :warp:


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Well as i thought i done some checking and investigating over half of the bids are fakes. several bidders are living in the same town as the seller


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No, it isn't my auction Andrew. I didn't know where to put this one.

Hey. doubles2004, you do good investigation work there.
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