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MP3 Eating Virus


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
MP3 Virus | News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

It's said that the RIAA could be behind it, but that's all speculation.

It's called virus.W32 and the virus spreads itself to all of your drives and devices and deletes every MP3 file. The odd thing is that Symantec has it labeled as low risk, when it obviously removes files from your computer. Wouldn't that at least be medium to high risk? I guess it's all in the way the virus spreads.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I wouldn't worry to much about this. Even if it hit me I have everything backed up on multiple external unattached hard drives, not to mention an iPod with everything on it too.

If it hits me then it's a slightly annoying task to first remove the virus and then move all my files back on but that's all.

Plus I use Norton so it would at least ask me if I wanted to let it run.


New Member
lol, this is why i have my whole MP3 collection backed up on to DVD no way am I going to spend days re-ripping my cd collection again. Not 50 gigs worth.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I just lost 14,000 songs in a reformat. I cried.