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so I'm using firefox now, but I don't like how the homepage is always the "firefox start" page. Is there any way I can get rid of that?


You can go to Tools --> Options --> Main and change it there. You can also set it to restore your session. Firefox is extremely customizable.


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Yeah i think FireFox is best browser because you can edit it in small details like you program your own browser
I like FireFox because. . . . . . .

1. It is a freakin ton faster than IE
2. You can customize it with add-ons and skins
3. I also love the Tabs


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I like IE more. Firefox has always lagged my shit for some reason. And as for the tabs, I have the newest version of IE and it has tabs, too. Also, the Restore Session feature for FF has opened all the tabs that I had running but it takes forever for it to actually get the sites I was on. Easier to just put in all the sites I could remember.


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Firefox is win because of extensions. If it weren't for the extensions I'd be using Safari or Opera. IE just sucks in general IMO.