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Moving away.


New Member
Well I am just one of those posters that ask one thing then leave the next day.
I am in abit of a stick anyway, and wouldn't mind your help!

Well me and my partner (currently living in the UK), are looking to move to New Zealand in the near future.

I just wondered if anyone can help me or give me advice on what I need to do, websites would be great too, I would look myself but I am useless on knowing what to look for or what to type in.

I know they're strict with people moving over there.

I am doing a Psychology degree, moving onto a job in Child Psychology.
My partner works with PC's and PC repair, and does Capoeira.
He's hoping to get his teaching belt and teach over in New Zealand as his own business! (If all goes to plan!)

Well that's the jobs, but I am not sure if my partner will be allowed over, as he will be classed as unemployed. (He wont be starting his own business until we're actually going over there)...And I doubt someone who does PC repair would be appealing to them.

I just need advice, or links to useful, informative sites.
Basically what I need to move over there, and if my partner would need a different visa (I heard of the marriage ones and so on!)

Thank you in advance.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Hmm, I don't have much experience moving to a new country (none in fact), but that's a good question.

How much have you researched this already? Are you moving just for school? If so I think you can get a student visa but again, I don't know the rules in New Zealand. There are a few people here who live in New Zealand though so maybe they will see this thread and be able to help out a bit too. :)


New Member
Hey Andrew.
Thank you for replying.
I wasn't really expecting anyone to have personal experience moving away, but if anyone does, it would be a bonus, which would be so helpful!

I have looked a little, but as I said previously, I just don't know where to look etc.
I am moving to begin a life over there. I am completing my degree here in the UK.
It's over there where I want to begin a job and begin a new life.
I know you have to earn over so much to get a visa and the job I will have will be. I am just not sure about the partner situation, which again I mentioned in my first post. =)

I appreciate you trying to help, and I hope that someone will be able to help me out with more information soon.

Thanks again for the reply.

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