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Synergy in business is the most efficient method to create profit with fewer resources, so why not address multiple government services and mandates with this same economy method?

For example all legal workers must have a Social Security Card. Persons desiring to travel outside of US boundaries require a passport. All persons desiring public state/federal services require a SS number and photo ID and likewise banking services require a photo ID. Citizens must register for the draft. When persons violate law they must be positively identified and record maintained. Persons desiring to participate in voting at all levels must be registered and positively identified.

Under my Synergy proposal illegal immigration and numerous other problems such as non-support of children could be eliminated. And, by using Synergy government size and efficiency could vastly be improved.

The Plan:

As each child is born in America the hospital will collect DNA and once the birth is registered with the state authority a file would be created issuing a temporary photo ID with a Social Security number. These cards would be smart ID’s with electronic photos imbedded into a credit card style ID similar to a military ID. At age 18 this card would be updated and the citizen would make a new ID that includes voter registration with an eight year voting record where votes would be physically hole punched requiring renewal following the eighth year for all citizens, this function could take place in all public High Schools.

All adult persons without photo SS Card above would have three years to take birth certificates to the local High School to prove citizenship in order to have the card issued. State office of registrar’s would verify in public records of birth that these births were in fact valid.

Require all employers to demand presentation of the ID when employment takes place and require sub contractors to sign statements that all employees have appropriate ID.

Immigrants on visitor visa and all non resident aliens would be given a similar card to identify them with their home country passport number in lieu of the SS number, and an indication as to whether or not the person is authorized to work on the ID. This would end overstays of visitor visas and eliminate illegal immigrates from working without fear of arrest.


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I don't like the idea of one's voting record being monitored or maintained. Voting is a right and privilidge, not a mandated responsibility.

I also don't think "hole punching" really fits in with your 21st century theme.

As each child is born in America the hospital will collect DNA
Might run into some privacy issues there.

State office of registrar’s would verify in public records of birth that these births were in fact valid.
Who's gonna pay for that?

High Schools.
Schools aren't the place for any of this to occur. It isn't what they're designed for, it would be a distraction from their primary mission, it would add an additional burden to the many schools that are already overburdened, it would require registered child sexual predators, drug dealers, and other assorted felons to spend time in our schools, and in areas where the school crime rate is high it unnecessarially exposes citizens to risk.

Better to think this further through and come up with a better location to centralize. Maybe town halls, county court houses, DMV, or unemployment offices.