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Movies you've seen a million times


still nobody's bitch
What movies have you watched over and over and would still watch every chance you get?

Mine are:
The Godfather parts 1 and 2
Raising Arizona
Office Space
Apocalypse Now
The Princess Bride
This is Spinal Tap


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
All the Rocky movies, especially Rocky IV - which I've probably seen over fifty times by now. I just love it so much.

Others that I've watched often are:

-Uncle Buck
-Remember the Titans
-Top Gun
-Demolition Man
-Die Hard franchise
-Lethal Weapon Franchise

I know I'm probably forgetting a few major ones - but that's all I can think of at the moment.


New Member
Rocky..especially IV
Back to The Future
James Bond Franchise
Independance Day
Die Hard 1 and 3
Lethal Weapon Series
Top Gun
The Hangover
The Day After Tomorrow


New Member
I'm a pretty big comedy guy so my list will reflect that pretty heavily:
-Step Brothers
-Forgetting Sarah Marshall
-The Matrix
-Super Troopers
-Hot Rod
-Tropic Thunder
-Scott Piligrim vs the World

I'm sure they are a ton more just don't wanna make the list to long


New Member
Movies I've seen a lot:

The Star Wars films.

The Indy Films.

Shawshank Redemption.

Back To The Future.

It's A Wonderful Life (annual family Christmas thing).

Superman the Movie.

Smokey and The Bandit.

Wizard of Oz, the various "Scrooge" films.


New Member
Shawshank Redemption
Star Wars trilogy (4-5-6)
High Fidelity
Band Of Brothers
Slap Shot
Office Space
Back To The Future
A Hard Day's Night
Die Hard
Field Of Dreams
Citizen Kane
and many others I can't think of right now


The return shall be legenday!
I've seen Bloodsport and Rocky IV about 50 times each, I can actually narrate Bloodsport by heart. Others on my lists include:

Remember the Titans
Coach Carter
Dark Knight
Field of Dreams
Days of Thunder
Top Gun
Much more.

I pretty much stick to what I like lol.


rainbow 11!
Spirited Away- I love studio ghibli films and hayao miyazaki. I can watch this over and over and still enjoy it.

Ramen Girl- this is just a really cute movie. It sucked me when I first watched it. plus, it has brittany murphy, who I have always enjoyed. it's a shame

v for vendetta- though, i have to be in the mood to watch it. it's such an intense film but just... incredible.


I ♥ Haters
For me, it would be the following and in no particular order:

The Warriors
The Devil's Advocate
Righteous Kill (Yes, I know, it's a horrid movie, but I still like it.)
The Godfather 1& 2
Kill Bill
Reservoir Dogs
Shame (Not only is this movie good, but Fassbender goes full frontal in it... giggity!)
Panic in Needle Park
This is the End
The Exorcist
Apocalypse Now
A Streetcar Named Desire
Tropic Thunder
Just about every Asian horror movie ever made


Registered Member
The GamePlan starring Dwayne Johnson. It's ALWAYS on TV it seems