Movies Movies That Challenged You?


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What movies have you seen that left you feeling challenged or even angry? Not at the movie itself but at something portrayed in the movie.

One movie that comes to mind is Blood Diamond, which I feel does a good job of exposing some of the realities behind the diamond industry. It will make you think twice before buying diamonds, especially if there is a chance that they are conflict diamonds.

Another is the movie Taken. I don't think most people realize this but the underground sex trafficking industry is enormous. It really exists and there really are places like the ones portrayed in this movie.

What about you?


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Maybe the Life of David Gale. That movie left me with an internal debate about death penalty and how much we're willing to do to defend or prove our principles. I can't remember a movie that left me feeling "angry" really.


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I do not know if it is actually as weird as it felt to me, but both movies you have mentioned made me think a lot. But then again... Many do. Russian movies (I speak some Russian and I understand most, so I watch them) almost always make me think about the situation in Russia now and in old days. Some adverts on Russian television, make me think if the people in Russia realise they are being brain-washed.
Before I started an unwanted debate, I will give another example. Slumdog Millionaire made my eyes move like during REM sleep. I was shocked and tried to absorb every details. Did not even look at main characters at times. Made me angry and made me feel so small, because there is nothing I can change.

Green Mile. What we call the system of justice can sometimes be the most injustice and cruel to those whom it is supposed t protect.

Boston Legal: the career I have chosen is one of the most evil jobs in the world. Criminals walk free, innocent people spend years in prison leaving their children to grow with strangers. Makes me think everything our "justice" stands for is one big farce.

Forrest Gump. Makes me think of those deprived of social and personal life by nature itself. So very unfair. This topic is sensitive because I am one of those terrified by the thought of loneliness and I hate to even think someone out there might never get to choose whom to have around, because they cling to those who "throw them a bone".
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Amazing Grace gave me a better understanding into just how horrible and disgraceful slavery was. It challenged me to consider how I would feel if it was my ancestors that were taken into slavery.


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I agree with you on Taken. Not only because of what you described, but I imagine if I had a daughter who was taken like that, I'd probably go on a homicidal rage.


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I think the closest to being angry is watch Rambo or Fearless. Made me want to fight someone afterwards. :D But I usually don't watch movies that might get me worked up seriously.


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For all the wrong reasons, a film that really made me cringe recently was Hard Candy.

It was one of the first films in a long time that really made me anxious. I know that she is getting her own back, and I know that he probably (in an over-the-top drama sense) deserves what he got in the end, but Ellen Page's characteristics really made me angry.

Perhaps it was the castration scene that got to me (you cannot help it when you're a guy).