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Movies On A First Date


Registered Member
Does anyone think going to the movie theater on a first and second date is an Ok thing? A lot of my friends don't think it's a great idea, saying, how can you get to know one another, because since you can't talk thru the movie, you aren't going to be able to talk one on one and learn more about each other. But I have done it a time or two (go to dinner and movie on a first date) and I thought it went all fine. But most people seem to think going to the movies is a bad idea, for a first date. Your thoughts?


Problematic Shitlord
What's wrong with it? It's only inappropriate if you assume inappropriate things will happen. It can be a lot of fun and a good bonding experience. Share some laughs, engage in drama, or scare the hell out of each other!


Where is my Queen?
I find nothing wrong with it, I usually prefer to have dinner first so we can socialize before the movie.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to the movies on a first date but it wouldn't be my first choice.

I'd prefer dinner or do something in which I can speak to the person.


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Movies seem so cliche--that's why I'm not a fan of them on a first date. Also, it doesn't give you a good chance to talk to the person. Second date could be cool...but really not a first date thing for me......

That being said, the guy I'm currently dating and I went to a movie on our first date...and that was almost 3 months ago...hmmm...hypocrite much? lol


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i think movies then hangin out doin something after them is a good idea for a first date, the movie will give you time to relax around each other and then if your not sure how to start conversation theres always the movie as a talking point too start with.


Well-Known Member
Movies on a first date are fine and dandy, but like Cons said one or the other party might think inappropriate thoughts or acts to do while in the movie. I mean it's a type of ice breaker yes, but then there's a movie you haven't seen along with the fact you would like to know if your date is enjoying themselves or not.



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I much rather do something else on a first date then going to the movies, especially if it's a blind date. I rather talk to the person and get to know them a little better, and you can't really do that at the movies. I don't mind it on a second date but it's rather pointless in my opinion on a first time engagement.


I don't prefer to go to the movies on the first date. I'm more interested in knowing more details about my date rather than watch a movie a talk about it all night.
I don't have anything against movies while dating, just not on the first date.


Mark ov teh Pond
Well.... the traditional expression is dinner and a movie.

Who goes to just a movie on their first date? Movie is the ice breaker, let that other person get comfortable being around you in a semi-public setting. Then off to a nice restaurant, in a more open public setting. The drive between places and walk out of the theatre give you plenty of that "so what do you do and what are you into" talk, so by the time you get a table you're not interrupted by waiters and food. Or some people go dinner first, then movie. Whatever floats your boat.

To answer the OP though, sure why not. Except it's never just a movie. All first dates are awkward anyways.