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I know there’s quite a few people here that were fascinated by Avatar because of the way it was done. Now since the release of Avatar a lot of upcoming movies are planning to go 3D just like avatar, The Hobbit and Spider-Man just to name a few. Do you believe this is a good thing or a bad thing? By bad meaning that it’s going to get over-done and it’s going to lose it’s appeal that it once had.



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The very first 3D film I saw was JAWS way back when.
...I LOVED it!!!, LOL.

Anyway, I don't see it being a bad thing necessarily as long as they don't over-do it.


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It seems that every few years (10-15 maybe?) 3D movies make a comeback. The 3D technology now is so much better than it used to be and movie makers seem to be using it in a better way than they used to. They are not (generally speaking of course) resorting to cheap excuses to have something fly out of the screen at you so you get the wow factor of 3D. They seem to be using it more as a way of drawing you into the environment by making it seem more realistic. The 3D is not being used as a novelty, but as an enhancement. The recent 3D movies I have seen used this to a great advantage.

I think as long as that is the trend then it is not a bad thing. If they start to use it as a crutch then it will become a bad thing.


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3D movies in theory are great #1 if you want to pay the extra money for them and #2 you can actually view them. That being said I actually don't like 3D movies due to the fact that I cannot view them properly. The last one I saw in 3D without the glasses was the one with Jolie in it. I see the things floating out from the screen and see the sides of it. It's not fun for me and actually quite annoys me. I'm happy with my 2D experience. Maybe I don't have normal depth perception, either way no thanks.
3D was happening quite frequently before Avatar came out. I'm not a fan at all, so I can only see this as a bad thing. But I'm sure a lot of people love it and it makes the movie-going experience more enjoyable. More power to them.


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3D Movies have been around before Avatar =\ i don't understand why people always relate with that movie when its implementation was exactly the same, if not inferior.

As for 3D itself, i hate it, Loss detail everywhere, and a little hard on my eyes and the only thing that really stands out are the subtitles. I rather have a blue ray movie.


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Honestly, while it is AMAZING, it gives me a headache. D: I saw Avatar in 3D and while I completely love the movie, I had a horrible headache.


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I previously considered myself somewhat of an alien in comparison to the rest of my viewing peers but, thanks to Iris, I can finally admit my faults: I too had a headache after watching Avatar (in IMAX).

I can personally see the charm in 3D movies, and with the technology making leaps and bounds from its original debut, it can only become more popular for its money-raking capabilities. To me, however, I find them a pain. They can only get overdone...

...Also, have you ever wondered what those people who have to wear normal glasses have to put up with when going to 3D films? =P