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Movies MOVIE WARS: Titanic vs V for Vendetta

Which do you prefer?

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Another round of Movie Wars. Which of these films do you prefer and why?

Titanic (1997)


V for Vendetta (2005)



Haters gonna hate.
V For Vendetta is a cult classic with a very devoted group of fans, but Titanic is an absolute classic that will continue to withstand the test of time. It is one of my top 10 films of all-time and will likely continue to be for a long while. V For Vendetta isn't even in my top 75.


Sultan of Swat
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I love Titanic. It's a real guilty pleasure of mine, even though i'm not embarrassed telling people I enjoyed it. I thought it was really well done, the love story was great, the action was awesome. When the iceberg(not spoiling anything) hit the boat, I was on the edge of my seat. Just can't imagine being in that situation.


Sally Twit
I don't 'love' either of these films but I did prefer Titanic. With that said, I didn't even watch the other film all the way through so Titanic wins by default. I got bored and never finished it. Everyone was raving about Titanic which is why I went to see it.
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blue 3
What the...really?

Titanic was good....in 1997. Ok, so Titanic isn't a bad movie, but I don't think it has anything on V for Vendetta. To me V is just a more powerful movie, it has a better message, and the correct person dies. Unlike in Titanic where some whiney spoiled brat forgets her end of the bargain and let's the dude die. .... besides...that door was plenty big enough for the both of them...


This is way too easy for me. I hate Titanic, I always have, I actually can't stand to watch it. As a film it just doesn't sit well with me. On the other hand V for Vendetta is one of my all time favourite films. It'd be in the top 5 at least. I once watched V for Vendetta 6 times in one week.
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I went with the lesser of two evils. Both movies are too long, too boring. I voted for Titanic. At least that one doesn't put me to sleep. Haha.


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As great as V for Vendetta is (I really do love that movie) I had to go with Titanic. Brix really got me to like the movie. Both are very interesting stories that take place in semi-realistic society.

Titanic is the "Gone with the Wind" of my generation, that's my opinion on the matter.