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Movies MOVIE WARS: Pulp Fiction vs The Kingdom

Which do you prefer?

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Well-Known Member
The next random match up for Movie Wars is Pulp Fiction vs The Kingdom.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

The Kingdom (2007)

Both of these are movies I absolutely love so it will be hard to actually pick for me.


Sally Twit
Pulp Fiction is easily one of the greatest films ever made in my opinion. Action, violence, comedy and twists are key ingredients to a successful film and Pulp Fiction has it. The story is great and all characters are lovable.


Registered Member
I've never seen The Kingdom. Pulp Fiction is a classic in my book. I like all the characters and scenes. I especially like Vincent Vega because he's an idiot of sorts. I voted Pulp Fiction but I guess I shouldn't have because I've never seen The Kingdom.


Haters gonna hate.
Not even close. I've seen both movies, and Pulp Fiction is way above The Kingdom. I just believe PF is a much, much better film and is pretty much a cult classic (if not an actual classic). I've watched it only two times because I hate rewatching movies, but I actually am thinking about rewatching it for a third time just because this thread is reminding me how awesome it is.


Well-Known Member
You people need to watch The Kingdom. It's worth it. I love Pulp Fiction, but I had to vote for The Kingdom to show it some love. Pulp Fiction is good, yes. But I don't think it is as good as everyone hypes it to be.