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Alright guys, I'm goin' on a vacation for about a week by car. It's gonna suck. I got time to kill...

MOVIE SUGGESTIONS ANYONE? (Preferably Comedy/Action. Drama, Romance, Thriller may also be mixed into the lot. Cept horror... not really a fan of horror.)

(btw, any thoughts on Push, Watchment, Taking Chance, and College?)


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TransFormers 2: revenge of the fallen or Funny People Are two great movies. I've seen Transformers And found it hilarious, albeit, rather long. Funny people promises to be hilarious, the cast looks great


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Watchmen was awesome. Are you looking for new movies? If not, Step brothers, Click, deathrace 2000, the illusionist, blades of glory, superbad, gone in 60 seconds (the original) for newer movies, He's just not that into you, pink panther 2, paul blart mall cop. I know some may seem girly but you said romantic so lol. hope that helped.
RAMBO 4, Taken, Condemed, Wilderness. The last 2 arent very popular, but very good, espetially condemed. Stone cold is the main actor but dont let that direct you away from it, he is amazing in it.


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I'm picky so I'm a little biased.

Personally I don't think there's a single film out in theaters at the moment that's worth seeing. PUBLIC ENEMIES (this is why Michael Mann shouldn't do period pieces), X-MEN ORIGINS and ANGELS AND DEMONS sucked and I'm really just not into anything else that's out at the moment.

If anything I'd like to see UP so I'd recommend that. Also WATCHMEN, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and 12 are really decent.

Again... shouldn't this be in the movie/film section?


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Are you into trilogies? If you have lots of time to watch then you can marathon old movie series that you haven't seen yet. Unless you're just talking about what to watch while in the car?


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Grab a season DVD of a TV show, that's a good idea too.

Lost, House, Firefly, Family Guy, South Park, you know, something with a lot of bang for the buck.


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Lol, yes. I just realized I should've moved this to the movie/music section. Sorry about that.

I'm not really a fan of buying DVD seasons of shows, like for example South Park has like 15 seasons out. Family Guy has like 10.

I'm not really looking for new movies although they can be, but they have to be good, at least hopefully.