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Movies Movie Scores


Problematic Shitlord
I was wondering if anyone had a favorite score from a movie? Mine are:

Klaus Badelt - Pirates of the Carribbean
A masterful work of musical art that captures the movie in sound. If you hadn't seen the movie, you'd know it was a pirate movie already because it has that swashbuckling-adventure tune style that really gets an audience into it.

Alan Silvestri - The Mummy Returns
Middle-Eastern strings and American adrenaline parallel Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weiss's characters very well as they traverse the 1920's Egyptian landscape. Full of action, passion, and the occasional jungle beat, Silvestri once again achieves greatness. Hell, they even threw in a track performed by Live. Not too shabby!

Carlos Siliotto - The Punisher
Solemn and powerful, Siliotto (who never did much of American movies until this one) creates a dark and saddened tone that perfectly matches the movie. If you were a fan of the movie, chances are you remember the blackened feel of the movie and it's sound.

Having a good, strong score to your movie just makes everything about it so much better. I highly recommend that anyone who can appreciate instrumental music to go out and pick up these CDs (good luck finding The Punisher).


Um, I have to think about it.. I'll think about it.

Guys, I know your trying to do a good thing here, but please don't report posts without looking at all the information. She has been banned already and this post was done before she was banned.

It WAS spamming none the less, but, just try to be more careful.



^insightful post. Wow.

The soundtrack to Hero, by Dun Tan
The soundtrack to Pi, by various artists
The soundtrack to Garden State, by various artists
Kill Bill has some good songs on it's soundtrack, and theres a lot of songs on the Team America World Police one that are just hilarious.
Lots of others have random good songs...


Problematic Shitlord
Not soundtracks, musical scores. Garden State's soundtrack is various artists, not one composer.


In The Deep by Bird York for that movie Crash was a pretty good song. It's really good easy-listening music.
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