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Movies Movie Review Club 2014


aka ginger warlock
This has been something that has been tried multiple times and has also failed multiple times. With new members however and with older members coming back I would like to give it another shot. This can be done in a few ways; We all commit to watch one movie and review one movie each month of our choice or we someone is nominated each month to choose two films to vote on and then we watch the film.

I really want to do this so if you want to and feel you can be committed to do this once a month please sign up, if you do not think you cannot that is fine but please don't sign up and say you will do it and then bail.


Registered Member
I will make more of an effort this time as I do like the idea. So, yeah, sign me up. :)


aka ginger warlock
Okay so we have had a few people interested in the review club, we need a few more but I am going to start listing films that as far as I know were not reviewed on previous occasions so here is how it is going to work. For everyone who is interested I will nominate someone each month. That person will then choose two movies to choose from and they will be put to a vote to choose which movies will be reviews.

I would ask everyone to add movies onto this list and I would like to try and do a review once every two weeks to give people time to be able view the films and review them.

Here are some I would like to review:

Jurassic Park
Back to the Future
The Departed
Toy Story
Die Hard
In the Loop
About a Boy
Love and Other Drugs
Side Effects
Imagine me and You
The Hole

Just a short list for the time being and as I say I would encourage others to add there own on.


Registered Member
Lost in Translation
Broken Flowers
Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World
Ghost World
Howl's Moving Castle

Admittedly, a lot of these are probably quite niche choices, but what the hey.