Movies Movie Quote's Nao!

I'm just curious as to what movie quote's get stuck in your head and make you giggle inside.

I know I have plenty! I'm always quoting shite!

Just list the quote and movie it came from and see who lists what! Might make me laugh


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I have a few favourites. :D

From Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas -

'A drug person can learn to cope with things like seeing their dead grandmother crawling up their leg with a knife in her teeth. But no one should be asked to handle this trip.'

'There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.'

And from Duck Soup -

'Remember, you're fighting for this woman's honour, which is probably more than she ever did.'

'Go, and never darken my towels again!'

'Married. I can see you right now in the kitchen, bending over a hot stove. But I can't see the stove.'


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One that has stuck with me, that I want to use next time I punch someone in the face, is from the movie Domino...

"Have you had a nose job?" *Smack*


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Let's have everyone take a guess at who these quotes are from.. which are always stuck in my head.

"Get to the choppa!"

"It's not a tuma!"


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From Coffee and Cigarettes. They were talking about the fact he quit smoking:
"The beauty of quitting is... now that I've quit, I can have one, 'cause I've quit."

From The Truman show:
"Good morning! And in case I don't see ya: good afternoon, good evening, and good night!"

From SLC punk. One of them was trying to sink a car in the SALT lake. Failing, he gets angry and shoots on the car a few times, screaming:

And this one must be my favourite! From Dr. Strangelove:
"Gentlemen! You can't fight in here, this is the war room!"

Cracks me up somehow, everytime :)