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Movie Posters Anyone?


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Hey does anybody else have any movie posters?

I have the following doublesided posters:

James Bond 007: GoldenEye 27x41
James Bond 007: The World is not Enough 27x41
James Bond 007: Die Another Day 27x41
Robin Williams: Bicentenial Man 27x41

and the following movie theater ceiling marquees:

James Bond 007: Die Another Day "Bond" Marquee 4ft x 6ft
James Bond 007: Die Another Day "Frost" Marquee 4ft x 6ft
James Bond 007: Die Another Day "US Poster" Marquee 4ft x 6ft
Monster's Inc: Open door poster with two main monsters looking out. (size of real door)
Dexter's Laboratory: Big poster 5ft x 5ft with Dexter jumping up with a fist in the air.

I would like to get a bunch of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Matrix posters too but don't have anywhere to put them. All my wall space is taken up LOL! I frame all of my posters (except marquees) and would not dream of putting pins in them.



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hello andrew
hey man i could have helped you out about 2 years ago. i had over 300 posters of star wars and lord of the rings. but got a call at work one night and my house was on fire. so i lost them all.along with everything else wht a loss that was. and from what i had gathered from some colectors of these posters some of them where worth some money. i did collect from my insurance but not what they would have been worth.but im sure someone on the boards might be willing to help you out.if i come across any i will let you know

btw. this site is great


what? no pink?
I have a 4 ft by 6 ft Scooby Doo ceiling Marquee


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hey Andrew. Have you ever considered the poster racks? You know like the ones at the comic book shops or record stores. I would take pictures of all of them for insurance purposes. I might be able to show you where to go for those. :cool:

I'm sorry to hear that doubles. As long as noone got hurt it all can be replaced.
It sucks! But it can all be replaced.

Till next time................:warp:


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Oh, that sucks! I know where you're coming from... my house burnt down when I was 17, and we lost everything inside (we did have some stuff stored in my dad's shop building)
The good thing is everyone was safe, and all else can be replaced or forgetten (as best we can) I do still wish I had my vast Strawberry Shortcake, carebears (and all things 80's) stuff still left. My brother and I had a large Transformers collection too. He's still working on replacing those.

Forehead Guy said:
Hey does anybody else have any movie posters?

I gave my brother a double sided Jurassic Park poster, and a few other's I can't remember. I worked at a movie theater during the early and mid 90's. I had the hanging "Hocus Pocus" ad, and I have a snippet of broken film from the debut ad for the Dodge Neon :lol:
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I have a bunch of Star Wars Posters, a healthy mix of older ones and newer ones... I dont display them because all my wall space is taken up with over 300 packaged SW figures and other misc toys!!


what? no pink?
TheBetterBagLad said:
What is a ceiling Marquee? I have access to all this stuff. Does it have a good resale value? Signed or unsigned?

its the great big heavy posters that hang from the ceiling at the theater. I have no idea what they are worth. I only have one because it was given to my daughter a couple of years ago. It just sits in the box in the closet LOL I'm like what am I suppose to do with this HUGE thing!

its not signed either


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all. To answer your question. Yes they are worth a lot of money. If it is signed it is worth even more money than unsigned. What do you have? Do you have pics you can share? Catch ya latter............... :warp: