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I think these are all stupid points/"mistakes"

"clearly see a 1988 Toyota Cressida driving down the street!"

Um...yeah I drive an 88 Caprice. What's so hard with seeing a car on the street that's 12 years old?

So what if ghosts exist or not? Why don't we say Star Wars is just a whole big mistake because lightsaber and blasters don't exist do they? It's because it's SCIENCE FICTION- It's not real.


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there are plenty of mvie mistakes ive noticed but i cant remember any now. Most of them are there are things there in one scene and whne you look at it again it is missing

But that one about the guy hanging up without saying goodbye isnt a mistake my dad does that too. When he is done talking on the phone he doesnt mind telling the other person he is or saying bye you just start talking and then you hear a beeeeeeeeeep its oh so nice


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Wizard Of Oz (LMAO)

After the bitch...err witch...vanishes from the roof there's an idiot back there moving in the trees.

Someone hangs himself in the munchkin scene.

Pokemon Movie



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Re: which one

LOL, are you sure about that wizard of oz one? :laugh:
Anyway, in the Perfect Storm, near the end, when the andrea gail rolls completely over, then back up again, the TV is still sitting untouched on the little ledge!
In the movie Loser (I haven't seen this but multiple reviews said this), there is a scene where the guy is walking with a piece of pizza and a video in a bag, then, it goes to the next scene, and he is walking down the street, without the pizza, and buys the video that he already had in the scene before!
In the Lost World, if you look closely at the reflections in the TV they'r watching at the end, you can see steven Spielberg sitting on the couch next to them!
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