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Movies Movie Mistakes


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What are some movie mistakes you know about?

I just saw this clip that shows several mistakes in the Matrix that I never noticed:

YouTube - The Matrix Movie Mistakes

Watch that video if you are a fan of the Matrix. This guy spotted quite a few really tough ones that most of you probably never noticed. His English is a bit broken but if you pay attention you can understand what he is point out.

Feel free to post any other videos or descriptions of movie mistakes you know about.


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That was pretty cool.
The one that always sticks out in my mind is in Die Hard,they terrorists turn up in a truck that you see them pile out off,then later in the film there tech/computer guy goes down to the same truck and drives an ambulance out it.
I always find that amusing.


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I watched "Suddenly 30" last night and when Jenna was 30, she was walking out the bedroom, and looking lost because one moment she's 13 and the next shes 30 and she's walking down the hall, she's behind the mirror, but the mirror shows the front.

I can't explain it, so I found a video.

It's at 4.37 and so on.

YouTube - 13 Going On 30 - Part 2.


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That was neat to look at, but for some of those shots in the original Matrix movie, they were in the dark or the action was moving really fast, not a lot of people would recognize that at first glance......or really care to, lol. But awesome find!

I recently watched Sin City a couple nights ago, I noticed when the character Marv (big muscled guy) was captured by the females and getting his butt kicked, there's a shot of him with a bloody face. Then the next shot he has a clean face, then bloody again. :lol:



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Yeah Shwa I didn't notice any of them either and they don't really take away from the movie at all. It's just one of those things where it's funny to go back and laugh a bit.

It doesn't ruin the movie for me in the least. Although I will likely mention those glitches to other people who are watching the movie with me in the future. :lol:

In the end it's not like we didn't realize it was a movie. We know it's fake already. That's why it's fun to find mistakes and have a laugh.


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One of my favorite things to do is go to IMDB.com and read the trivia and goofs for everything I've seen. :D Sometimes, I have to go back and re-watch something, just to see the goof!


I checked the Matrix out at IMDb and there is a long list of goofs, they probably assumed people would never notice with all the action going on. The only goofs I can think of was in the TMNT film, where April is hacking through the jungle, the sword on her back changes left and right between shots.


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When I watch my DVDs again and again, I can see editing errors. And in some really bad movies, you can catch it the first time you see it. It turns me off.


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In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Adolf Hitler (who was a lefty) mistakes Indy for an autograph seeker and signs the book Indy's holding with his right hand.

In the Michael J. Fox movie Teen Wolf, an extra in the stands at a basketball game whips out his wee willie winkie and gives it a tug. Too NSFW for this thread, unfortch, but anyone who's interested can see it as the clip "Teen Wolf Exposure" on YouTube.