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Movies Movie Heroes


aka ginger warlock
Before you continue reading this please bare in mind there are likely to be spoilers all over the place as it is difficult to discuss characters in films without giving a certain amount of information.


Whilst waiting to receive "Brick" so I may review it I am currently watching the 1986 classic "Ferris Bueller Day Off". Now apart from being a great film which it is it offers something that very few films two; it offers two heroes in one movie. A lot of people I think would argue the hero of the piece is Ferris himself but I would argue that both Ferris and Cameron are the heroes. Ferris is the hero in that he is able to provide a fantastic life experience for everyone concerned in just one day. Cameron is also a hero in my opinion as he is someone who is able to see what his life is, doesn't like it eventually all be it with Ferris's help and a small mental breakdown manages to overcome his fears and problems.

I think you have very different kind of heroes and I am quite sure there will be differing opinions so I would be quite interested to hear other opinions :)


Sultan of Swat
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My movie hero is my favorite character of all-time. That character would be Rocky Balboa. If you know me well, then you know how much I love Rocky. His character is known around the World. He's known for his never give up attitude, and having a huge fan. He was very different from the other boxers, he loved to interact with the fans, it was like he was one of them.

Another character that I would consider a movie hero is another Sylvester Stallone character and that would be Rambo. The guy never had a challenge that he couldn't defeat. He kicked major ass and he always saved the World so to speak.

I admire both of these movie characters.


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Wow, this is a tough one. I have many 'movie' heroes. Some of them for heroism performed by a 'moral' or 'honor' code their characters posses and others just because of actions that seem outside the norm.

Rocky was the first name I thought before I even finished reading the initial post. Next up I thought of Nathan Algren from "The Last Samurai". Then Boromir from "LOTR:FOTR" simply for the way he goes out in the end. There are all kinds of movie heroes though, so it is hard to pick only one. On a different note, I think Landon from "A Walk to Remember" was a different kind of hero. He wasn't anyones hero, unless you count Jamie which I don't. He just a guy finding his own path, which is always something to repect. Then yet still there was Marv from "Sin City" who killed himself because he thought it would keep Nancy safe. I just can't choose one hero haha. There are so many. If I had to pick though, as far as a 'character' hero, I must agree with Rocky. He came from nothing, he went back and forth on believing in himself. He gained a life most never achieve and lost it all. He always tried to be right by others before himself. He may have been slow, but he had what he believed was right and he stood by that no matter what.
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