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Anyone here ever play any movie drinking games? One of the best ones I've ever played is the Transformers (animated movie) game. We originally had loads of rules like drink whenever;
Someone Transforms
Down Drink for entirety of Unicrons transformation
Every time cheesy music is played
Every time a key character dies etc

However when the first battle happens it was all a bit much so we only played with the first 2 rules. It's really good fun for nostalgia and getting drunk. Obviously you could make rules for all sorts of films. We once played a ghostbusters game which entailed drinking everytime Bill Murray came on screen.... It was brutal.

Anyone else ever play these games at parties or anything?


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Whenever someone in the movie drinks
Whenever someone yells really really loud
Whenever there is nudity
And I can't remember the last one lol.

Just go to the second commentary track they tell the rules there. However you won't last long. We usually have to tone the rules down.

Also we play to Battle Royale.

Whenever someone dies. It starts off slow but really picks up the pace lol.


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That's funny. It's the first time I heard of this game. *Plots a drinking game for the movie Casino (for every time the F word is said)*


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Ok I've never played this one because I've only seen this outrageous piece of cinema once but even the DVD itself on the back suggests it's own drinking game.

The movie is "Wild Zero", a Japanese zombie/rock n' roll film that's apparently a cult classic in Japan. This movie is one off-the-wall, head-exploding, zombie-killing, rock n' rolling sonuvabitch. It's subtitled (and might be dubbed) in english.

Here's the Trailer for those curious enough

The drinking game is as follows:

You take a drink when,
-Someone says "Rock n' Roll"
-Someone combs their hair (yes there's actually more than one character who does it)
-And everytime a zombie's head or anything else for that matter explodes.

Drink as you will...
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Dazed and Confused

Drink whenever someone says "man"

Game over.
I have two friends that played a Harry Potter drinking game of "drink whenever something magical happens." One woke up in the guys shower on a seperate floor (she has no recollection of how she got there) and the other came too at one of the dining halls on the other end of campus. It should also be said that this started around 6:00 PM on a Wednesday.


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There's always the "Fight Club" drinking game if you can stand to drink and watch it at the same time.

You drink when:
-The rules are mentioned
-You see a chemical burn on someone's hand
-Someone mentions "project mayhem"
-Soap is referred to or seen
-Someone is smoking
-The VO says "I am Jack's..."
-an image is flashed in the movie


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Batman and Robin

- Drink whenever you're reminded that Chris O'Donnell's career is spiraling down the toilet