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Movie Draft Voting Thread

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A hard choice for me but it came down to Echoes and AK. For me, Anita's list dropped off on the last few picks so my vote is for Echoes, pretty much because his list had some of my favourite movies in it.
I really really like at least 3 of the movies from everyone's list, apart from about 2 or so people haha. So this is tough. The only people's list that I've seen almost all of their film picks are ysabel, Knapp and Echoes. I think I'll vote for ysabel. Then again, wolfheart has my all time favourite movie in his :hmm: nope, gotta be ys.


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I don't think I'm allowed to vote, but I think my favorite list other than my own is Altanzitarron's. Ysabel's first five picks are great, but it gets a lot weaker after that. Alt's is strong from top to bottom.


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The people who participated in the draft aren't allowed to bote on the poll, but they can still reply to this thread saying who they believe the best draft list was. I'm still pondering about my selection.


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I voted for Konshentz. But, I want everyone to know it's not because he's my boyfriend, haha. I think his list of movies was the best overall, and his list is the only one with all movies that I've seen. Although I must give a shoutout to Constantine for having Toy Story and The Lion King on his list. I absolutely love those movies, and Toy Story is my favorite movie ever. :)