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Moved Modem/Router, can't get a direct connection


New Member
I just attempted to move my modem and router to my room in order for my computer to have a direct connection.

For some reason I can't seem to even pick up any sort of direct connection off of my computer (could be something with wiring in my computer?)

I have everything else working. The router is giving signal and allowing my computer to connect wirelessly, however a direct connection is not being established.

*** Setup ***

1: Cable plugged into Modem running into a cable outlet.
2: Ethernet cable running from modem to router.
3: Power plugged into modem.

1: Ethernet cable running from Router to computer (I've tried all 4 ports on the router)
2: Ethernet cable running from router to modem (same as 2 for Modem).
3: Power plugged into router.

Everything is how it was when the Modem and Router were in the other room, except now my computer is trying to get the direct connection but is for some reason unable to do so... Any ideas?


Well-Known Member
Make sure that your ethernet port is turned on/installed. I've had a similar problem several times.

Do you have any other computers that you can check it with?

Also I'm pretty sure that your computer can only connect one connection at a time. my laptop doesn't allow for me to be connected both wirelessly and directly only one or the other. Try disabling your wireless adapter and see if that works.

If you are running a Cisco/Linksys router then go to Internet Explorer or Firefox (I can't get it to work in Chrome) and type in the address bar. Make sure that all of the settings in there look right.

Another quick question, why do you need to connect directly if the wireless router is right there? There shouldn't be any speed problems related to this.


New Member
I've heard that a directly-wired connection is vastly better than any sort of wireless connection you could have (I'm a gamer, I need the best down/upload I can get :D)

How would I go about turning this port on/ knowing if there is one installed?
I've always ran this computer off of wireless so that very well may be the case..

Yeah I've tried turning off the wireless adapter but it seems as though that hasn't done anything.

I have been told by someone else that I need to hard reset my modem/router and computer in order for my computer to be using the same settings as the modem, or something to that degree?

I appreciate your help, keep shooting ideas! :)


Well-Known Member
Control panel > Device Manager > Network Adapters

Both your wireless and your ethernet adapter should show up under that.

Hard resetting your router could work but it's not a guarantee. Personally I've never done that, Brix (the admin at this forum) has always done that.

Honestly I wouldn't worry about it. When you were told that a wired connection is faster I would assume that the person was referring to having a wired connection to your house as opposed to a wireless connection to your house. If you are running wireless N or wireless N+ then the speed difference is negligible as far as LAN speeds go. In other words connecting your computer to your network wirelessly shouldn't slow down gaming at all.

I'm running a slow 1.5mbps connection (it can't be any faster where I live) and on top of that I connect my laptop via wireless. Doing a simple test on speedtest.net shows that my connection is 100% equal on both my laptop (wireless) and my desktop (ethernet). At just 1.5mbps I can have a good gaming experience online, I used to frequently play Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 2142 with no lag of any kind.

Hope that helps.