Move much?

I was trying to come up with the exact number of my moves last night, but I'm sure I've forgotten one or two.

How many different homes/apartments/places have you lived in?

I can remember 18 moves, most of which were between the ages of 17 and 23.

I attended 4 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 2 high schools. Guess you could say my parents got me use to the idea of not putting down roots in any one place.



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Hmm . .

5 I believe. Never changed schools because the moves were all local, but they still sucked.


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This is the 3rd house I've lived in, so I've moved twice. I was born in New Jersey and lived there for two years before moving to Chicago. Lived in that house for the next 17 years, and then we moved to another house in the same town and I've been here for 7 years.


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I was born in Orlando, about a year later moved to Philly. About three years later we moved to here, in the base housing. Then in the 3rd grade we moved like four blocks away to where I am currently living.


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I lived in the same house all growing up (parent's still live there and will till my dad dies). Between then and getting married I lived in 3 different places, 1 college dorm, 2 apartments. Since being married I've lived in 1 apartment, then moved to a condo, then upgraded to a townhouse, then ended up living with my parents for a summer while we sold that and got a job in phoenix, now have a house we are renting here and will be moving again this Nov into a house we are building that we will hopefully live in for at least 15 years (that is the current plan). Doesn't really look so bad, but the timing was less then ideal on some of the after married moves.

We had a baby Aug 17, moved into the townhouse Aug 19, then 6 months later, were moving again, found out I was pregnant that same weekend, had a baby the following Nov, and 3 weeks later, moved to Phoenix. It was an exciting year and one I don't hope to repeat anytime soon. (I actually haven't moved since being married without being pregnant or having a newborn).


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2 elementary schools 1 high school

that I am aware of we moved 3 times. The one where I changed elementary schools was really early...something like 1st grade for me. So I actually got to spend 1st through 12th with generally the same people.


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I've only moved once, two and a half years ago.
From K-4 it was one school, 5th grade was another, and 6th-8th will be the school I am currently attending. No plans on moving again through high school.


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Until I was 20, I lived with my parents in their house in Berlin. Then I moved to Ulm, about 500 miles down south, to my girlfriend. After a while, I moved back to Berlin and shared an apartment with a friend. Three years later, I moved into an apartment on my own, where I am still living.

So it's the 4th place I am currently living in.


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At least 15 times (could be more because I don't remember everything when I was young and we moved a lot then when my parents split). This last 7 years, my husband and I moved 4x.