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Mouse Traps


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Anyone else hate mice? I used to have mice as pets when I was younger, so I have to say I like them as pets, but there's just something about finding mouse pellets in my cereal that brings out the animal hater in me.

So I have at least one mouse that I need to trap now. I set a few traps tonight and hopefully will wake up to find that they worked. I never have much luck with these though. Sometimes I put peanut butter on them and the mouse apparently is able to lick it all off somehow without setting off the trap.

I really do like mice, and did have several for pets a while back, but wild mice just aren't the same.

Heck, my pet mice were awesome. They would escape every once in a while, but they were really tame. I'd be sitting there doing homework or something when suddenly, a mouse runs up and starts sniffing my books or something. :)

ANYWAY, back on subject. Anyone have any mouse trapping stories to share? :D


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When I was young there was a day that a bunch of flies started coming into the house whenever doors were opened. Then they started gathering around the windows crawling on them, so then we went downstairs to the patio and found that there were mice down there and one of them had died and possibly rotted, which is what the flies were trying to get to. So I, as a little kid, loaded up my supersoaker and tried to snipe them from the bedroom window as my parents tried to get them. They eventually gave up and set up mouse traps with pellet poison, and they were gone in a few days. We eventually got rid of the dead mouse in the cushion of our crappy old sofa that was down there. I remember after the incident I wanted to create a creative trap for next time. I had a whole bunch of supplies for art projects in school like styrofoam meat containers, toilet rolls, plastic containers, strawberry baskets, and stuff like that. So in the image of the dungeons in the Legend of Zelda video games, I created a sizable 3-story dungeon for the mouse to get through as he searched for the cheeze at the end that was incased inside a strawberry basket prison that was designed to trap him. It was great. There were obstacles to get around, tricks and traps and holes to climb through, and even holes to fall to back to the beginning if the mouse messed up. Unfortunately though, I never got to use it because we never had the mice problem again ever. Man were those fun times.


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I actually breed mice to feed to my two snakes. I've only ever had one escape, but they're always chewing the hell out of their water bottle.


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use the glue traps. not as humane but they work well. and don't forget that they're on the floor cause if you step on them, they're hard to take off [ epsecially if you're bare foot ].

only had a mouse in the house once. used the glue traps and caught it within a day or two. it was living under our oven. and we found a dead one outside that was stuck in the wall in a hole that was around as big as the thickness of a pensil.


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I never like rat or mice in my entire life.They dirty that what i think.:urp: