Mountainst Community - Colorado VS Oregon

My dad once took me up to Big Bear when I was younger and I fell in love with the mountains. The curvy roads, the big mountains, the cabin homes, the people, the scenery and to some extend, the snow. I've been living in southern California for over 23 years and I'm pretty sick of it. I no longer enjoy the city, the people nor anything in it.

It's time for a chance and I was thinking about either going to Colorado or Oregon. That's where you come in: do you know which state has that better mountainst community feel? I'm looking for a place as I stated in the above paragraph, plus, a place where I'm able to ride a motorcycle. Of course, I know that Colorado has a lot of snow - I'll have a truck of that. I'm just assuming during the summer it's pretty nice and I'm able to ride a motorcycle then.

The reasons I'm not going to Big Bear is because it's TOO expensive and I can't find any quality employment to survive the prices. That's why I decided to get advice for either Oregon or Colorado. I've been doing research on the states and am having a hard time finding a good mountain-ish community that I like.

Does anybody got any opinions? Good sites to do research on? A price scale?

Thanks! ^_^
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