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Mountain Biking


aka ginger warlock
I haven't done any mountain biking since having my bike stolen a few years but I am planning to buy a new one for the upcoming summer and start getting back into biking properly, I am not sure where there this is to do proper biking or indeed trail riding in Liverpool. I have found a few places but my search is going to continue.

When I was at my peak and biking I used to love doing it, I had a few accidents one of which was when I was going down a local hill known as Watch Hill in my home town of Cockermouth where I managed to flip myself over the handle bars, bloody myself up and take my back wheel into my guts, oh fun times!

Do you bike? Do you enjoy it and if so what so of biking do you do and what bike do you own? The bike I am thinking of getting is this:

Apollo Phase

Apollo have always been a bit mocked by the mountain biking community because they are a little cheaper and are not one of the more expensive brands such as Scott, Kona or Carrera but I am kind of at the point in my life where I am no longer bothered about looking good or having the must have bike.