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Awesome Motorcyclist Saves Mug On Moving Vehicle


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This motorcyclist accomplished his or her good deed for the day. Watch what this driver does after seeing a mug sitting on the rear bumper of an SUV. Considering the woman's reaction at the end of the video, it remains to be said whether or not this was worth the motorcyclists heroic efforts.

[subtext]Via Bossaucey[/subtext]

What do you think? Were these Karma points worth the fancy road maneuvers this driver pulled off?
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"Thanks for saving my coffee, I think I'll just dump it out on the road now."

Really nice reaction lady. haha

If I was the biker then I'd have been too afraid to get that close to a car, especially for something so insignificant as a mug.


I'm serious
That didn't look too dangerous to do, bet the biker saw it as a challenge. That lady is very unattentive for not noticing the bike driving right on top of her.