Motorcycles[Written by Veloci-T]

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    Name: Motorcycles
    Genre(s): Rap/Hip-Hop
    Approximate Time: 2:30-3 Minutes



    They see the motorcycles
    They turn the siren on
    The come after me
    I'm too speedy
    They go fo' the others
    They are other-brothers
    They too fast fo' them
    They gotta try again

    Verse 1

    Yo, Yo
    Them patrollers are kneeling
    They dealin' wit an asian
    They don't know then they aint no human
    They gotta know what they up against
    They dunno then they doomed again
    That siren aint scare me
    You turn it on you end up at my feet
    Our wheels are turnin and twirlin and whirlin
    Their wheels go shakin and breakin and makin some badass chaos


    Verse II

    This is like a game
    Its fun when you're playin
    You see the police
    on their knees
    You ridin away
    Then they stay away
    They showin mercy
    They scared of me
    They cant catch me
    So tell em to try again

    Chorus x2


    How was it! Check out my upcoming songs and one of them will have a famous word in Gangsta Rap, "Po Po" which is a word that they call a police to make fun of em, well not to make fun but to mock them and all that bad COOL stuff, here are the upcoming songs:

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