Motion Sensing: Fad or Future of Gaming?


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Do you think motion sensing is a fad or the future of gaming?

As much as I'd like to believe it's a fad I think it will be here from here out out in at least some way. It won't replace conventional gaming (at least for a while), but even simple things like tilt sensitivity will most likely continue into future consoles.

Whether motion sensing in the form of a Wiimote will survive is another thing altogether though. I mean, the concept required a massive trade off controllerwise. There are a lot of great games that can't be ported to the Wii because of controller scheme issues. Then again there are a lot of Wii games that couldn't work on other consoles due to technology issues (lack of proper motion sensing).

My thought would be that companies will shove motion sensing down our throats so much that people will just end up not buying the product any longer. While many companies will get the hint, some will still market it and do well. Basically, like when it first came out Nintendo was the only one doing it. It think it'll end up back in one companies hands, and that company is whoever does it the best.

I'm just hoping it'll turn out the Virtual Boy where it was an unique idea, though, that's all it was. Back to catering to the lazy gamers that just want to sit and relax while gaming. Carter to me Sony! Cater to me MicroSoft! CAAARRRTTERRR TO MMMMEEEEE!


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I'm just hoping it'll turn out the Virtual Boy where it was an unique idea, though, that's all it was. Back to catering to the lazy gamers that just want to sit and relax while gaming. Carter to me Sony! Cater to me MicroSoft! CAAARRRTTERRR TO MMMMEEEEE!
I have that hope too, but it seems like everything is pointing towards gaming being more and more "Virtual Reality". Unless gaming is able to split off into two types (controller based and more VR/motion based), I have a feeling that VR will win out in the end.
Wii was created to get the casual gamer of the couch and get more involved in the game. Technology getting so advanced that it can pick our every movement; hiding behind the couch for health regen. Thumb gaming all the way till lasts!


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Apparently, both Sony and Microsoft are going to be mimicking Nintendo's motion sensing technology, so I'd say it's probably going to stay around for a little while just because of that.

Also, the Wii still lets you use the more traditional style controllers. Any game that requires a traditional controller can be used on any system, and there are some games that only work with the motion-sensing technology.


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It will be around for a while, but let's face it, people do not play video games to exercise and jump around like patients in the seizure ward. People play games to unwind and relax so while motion control will always have a niche I believe that it will never replace general gaming because there are not enough people that really enjoy the motion control aspect.


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While it may be fun sometimes, I don't really care for it. I like traditional gaming better. It will probably stick around, and I'm not all that happy about Microsoft using some of that technology.
Like Cons said, I game to relax and don't want to be jumping around like an idiot. Not to mention, I have neighbors downstairs and I don't think they'd appreciate it either.

So I really hope it's a fad.


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I'm definately of the more retro school of console gaming, but when Ninty first unveiled the groovy 'Mote and 'Chuck cotrol system I was eager to get my hands on it and give it a whirl (pardon the pun)... I was however, bitterly disappointed.
I found the first game I tried the new control system with, (aside from the Wii Sports, which I don't class as a game particularly) the FPS Red Steel, was awful to play with the whole point-and-click control mechanism. I got so irked when playing Twilight Princess that I stropped right out of my friend's Wii-endowed flat and obtained a copy on the GC after which, nestled safely in my thumbstick comfort zone, I appreciated the game a lot more.
Games like Mario Kart Wii and other such not-too-hard and questless ventures do benifit from the quirky motio sensing systom; but, being the kind of gamer I am (Resident Evils, Zeldas, MoH and other bigger and expansive games) the Wiimote, nor the Six-Axis PS3 controls, really rought anthing new to the table.
As much as I am sure the motion-detection side of gaming will appeal to many and be around for a long time, I know that in my heart of hearts I won't ever get used to it.

Give me an N64 controller any day, that three-pronged trident of thumb-waggling gaming bliss.


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I don't think it's the future of gaming by any means.

I mean, remember when light guns and steering wheels were new? Everyone was like "whoa, this is going to change shoot em ups/driving games forever!" but you never see anyone playing Halo 3 with a light gun. In the end, i don't think you can beat the controller. Button combinations will always win out for playability against specific actions you physically have to perform.

I think it'll always be around, cus it's pretty advanced now and Microsoft and Sony are bringing it in aswell, but i don't think it'll ever be the future of gaming.