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Motel Generalforumia (song parody)


Lion Rampant
On a dull cyberhighway
Kewl nerd in my chair
Warm smell of creme long john
Rising up through the air
Drunken head on a webcam
I saw BR with Bud Light
He talked with Elly and with Puck and Bob
I had to chat through the night

There she sat in the dorm room
Plugged in to Millz and Belle
Though I should keep this to myself
She looked like heaven from this part of hell
Then she switched off her camera
And she floated away
There were voices on the Interwebz
And you know what they say

"Welcome to the Motel Generalforumia
Such a lurvely place (Such a lurvely place)
Bliss will punch your FACE.
Pam has a room at the Motel Generalforumia
Texan spoken here!
You're not welcome, Steer..."

Her mind is Tuckerly tainted
So slow, demure ladies mend
I've made a lot of pretty shitty noise
With words like "friend"
How they dance in my cortex
Steeeped in regret
Now my word is, "Remember,"
While hers might be, "Forget."

So I PM'd, "O Captain,
Please bring me some strength."
He lol'd, "I'll let you find it in your soul, since
I know you'll get there at length."
And still those voices are calling from faaar away
Make you Twitch in the middle of the night
But who can sleep anyway, hey?

"Welcome to the Motel Generalforumia
Such a lurvely place (such a lurvely place)
Envy's on your FACE.
They're cutting 'em up at the Motel Generalforumia
Not a big surprise (not a big surprise)
Pack your heart on Ice..."

Smel's high on the ceiling
Thinks Jeanie's rack looks nice
But I think, "I don't know why I never could hear
Half my own advice."
And up at Fortress Hybrix
He laaaughs at all of it
He could fix the slowness in a Snap
But he just... don't... give... a shit

My word's "Remember," remember
That is how I'll end this tale
I may not be a perfect man
But I ain't no killer... ooh, ale!
"Relax," smiles RJ. "We all brighten many lives.
Everybody wants to get along, so level OUT de vibes!"

(cue all members on cow cow bell chorus)


Do What Thou Wilt
Smel needs to whip out his guitar and I will cut in with a killer vocal solo. We got a band going here. Anyone play drums?


Creeping On You
i was already tempted to bust out a vocalless version of the song and sing th ose lyrics.


Registered Member

I wanna hear the song. Thus, Smel or I should make it happen.


It's not me, it's you.
Oh lame. I thought you said on skype that there was a video of you singing this.


Babeasaurus Sex
I flipping love this!!!!!