Mostly Boys or Girls?


Ms. Malone
On your mother's and father's side of the family does it consist of mostly boys or mostly girls?

I have about 22 cousins, probably more, and two brothers.
My dads side consists of 4 brothers and 1 sister; as far as i know three of them have at least two sons, one has a daughter, two have a grandkid and dad has one of my brothers from his first marriage-then there's me! So mostly boys there.

Mum has 4 sisters, 3 of them have mostly girls and a boy, the other had boys, there's a grankid in there somewhere and then my eldest brother! Mostly girls.

Too many boys!!!

I was the first girl to be born into the family twenty years after my aunt was born! I was a miricle! complicated is everyone elses family?


Certified Shitlord
Well, I have two brothers and one sister, but an even number of aunts and uncles on both sides. So I gues there's not a huge discrepency in my family right now.


still nobody's bitch
more girls than boys on both sides.

my daughter has no boy cousins on her dad's side; as far as my immediate family there are two girl grandchildren (my daughter & my niece) and one boy.


The Super Pimp of GF
We will start with my mom's side:
I have 10 first cousins split relatively evenly between boys and girls the boys then I have approximately 20+ other cousins from 2nd to 3rd from CT-VT and Canada.

For my day I have 20 immediate cousins and counting because my grandparents had 9 kids so I have 8 aunts and uncles. most of my immediate cousins on my dad's side are girls so it is a little awkward at parties for me. I dont even know how many second cousins or 3rd cousins I have in his family..


Bombe Sexuelle
On my mother side there's more girls and on my father side there are more guys


A Darker Knight
On my mom's side, the boys outnumber the girls 7 to 5, not counting me

On my dad's side, it's an even 3 to 3. boys > girls by 4 to 3 counting me

I'd say I have a pretty balanced family.


rainbow 11!
Mom's Side:

1 aunt
1 uncle
1 cousin (Male)
1 grandmother
1 grandfather


Dad's side:

3 uncles
2 cousins (female)
2 aunts
1 grandmother
1 grandfather


Dr. Rockzerz

My family is 85% boys.

My whole family is boys.

My moms side is boys

My dads side is boys

Very few girls are made in my family or it seems like it.